Winter Sunrise at Freshwater Bay

Sunrise at Freshwater Bay by Jason Swain. Thursday last week I woke at 4.50am all excited about the surf that was reliably forecast, and also hoping to grab some photos of the sunrise whilst i was up and about at that time of day.

However, what i’d forgotten was that the sun rises at about 8am here in the depths of winter (we’re only a week away from the longest day) and therefore I had a lot of time on my hands waiting for something too happen. As it turned out the surf was pretty crap that morning anyway (although it did improve later and I was photographed surfing at Freshwater Bay, if anyone is into that sort of thing you can check this photo blog on the Wight Surf History website) and for a long time it also looked like it was going to be a total waste of time from a photography point of view too, as once first light arrived it revealed that the sky was completely covered in a dull grey brown blanket with no sign of movement or shapes, and not even a chink of light getting through.

But just as i was giving up and heading home, a few shards of light started to appear, and within minutes the clouds had miraculously parted over Freshwater Bay and I was able to rescue the morning and get a few shots in the bag.

After setting up and shooting a few long (30-90 second) exposures with the ND big stoppers, I wanted something a little less ethereal, with some more obvious wave movement. So i tried a few exposures at around 0.4 of a second as well, and the 2 frame vertorama (vertical panorama) shown here is the result. (i’ll post some of the longer exposures in the coming days)

Exif data = 0.4 sec at f/22 16mm iso100

shot with a sigma 12-24mm wide-angle lens on a Canon 6d camera body.

Winter Sunrise at Freshwater Bay, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Sunrise at Freshwater Bay


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