Wheat Harvest in Atherfield

Wheat Harvest in Atherfield By Jason Swain. Just to show that its not all bucket and spade and beach shots on the Isle of Wight, here’s a little bit of farming action shot during the wheat harvest near Atherfield, near Chale. Taken with the Sigma 50-500mm on a Canon 7d, whilst on a photowalk last month (September) with Andy Teo (photocillin from flickr) .

This and the other farming photos shot that day, were probably destined to stay in the archives gathering pixel dust for ever, but then I  watched a news article about this years disastrous global wheat harvest on Channel four news (disastrous for a variety of reasons, all connected to climate change) and thought i might as well set them free whilst they are topical.

Wheat Harvest in Atherfield, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Wheat Harvest in Atherfield

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