Ugly Duckling, Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

Ugly Duckling, Calbourne, Isle of Wight by Jason Swain. I managed to catch¬†these cute little creatures whilst out and about in Calbourne, Isle of Wight recently. I was doing some photography work nearby and had a stroll down Winkle Street to get some of the obvious commercial shots of the place that i hadn’t got around to doing in the last ten years or so! (it is beautiful there, but the whole place is very ‘chocolate box’ and it has all been done before many many times)

Anyways… I had the Canon 50mm f1.2L lens on the Canon 6d camera body, not the perfect setup for wildlife, but i had a go anyway. Instead of chasing after the ducks, or trying to zoom in with a telephoto, i sat on the road, and waited, and after a while, they came to see me instead. I think curiosity got the better of them, either that or they thought i might have some bread on me ūüôā

Exif data: f/2 at 1/4000 50mm iso100

Ugly Duckling?, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Ugly Duckling, Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

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