The Needles – Solent Monday Blues

The Needles – Solent Monday Blues by Jason Swain. Storm clouds gather over the Solent with the Needles Lighthouse and Scratchells Bay in the foreground.

Bit bummed after my ‘Wild West Solent Swim’ was postponed yesterday, i’ve been training for it for months and we’re now looking at a 2 week delay until September 1st for the next attempt. It was called off for safety reasons, the wind was still force 5 (on the beaufort scale) at 5am after a force 8 had blown through the night before and left the sea a bit agitated. I can vouch for the sea still being agitated as I went for a surf yesterday instead, but i’ve swum out there lots of times in those conditions and I was still keen to try yesterday!

Oh well, here’s something remotely relevant from the recent photo archives

The Needles – Solent Monday Blues, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

The Needles - Solent Monday Blues


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