Soulsurfing Original Red Robin Red-Green Colour Blind Test.

Soulsurfing Original Red Robin Red-Green Colour Blind Test., originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Colour Blindness is fascinating stuff when you really look into it, here’s some evolutionary aspects on the disorder, taken from h2g2 “The Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything”

“Colour blindness is a non-fatal disorder. Female carriers are not affected and male sufferers are not generally prevented from reaching breeding age. Therefore, evolutionary pressure against the gene is very slight. However, in the past, it may have conferred some advantages or disadvantages on humans and our primate ancestors. For example, in palaeolithic times, when humanity lived predominately by hunting and gathering, colour blindness in females would have been a disadvantage because of the inability to select ripe (that is not green) fruit.

Colour blind people have a tendency to better night vision and an ability to be able to distinguish hues that remain unseen to those who do not have the disorder. In males, this may result in improved hunting skills in low light levels. The prevalence of colour deficiencies ranges from 1% to 14% in different populations and may be moderately correlated with how much twilight there is in the region. The duration of twilight is short at the equator but progressively longer at higher latitudes.”

This particular test is of my own making, its not official, but if you cant see any birds at all in these three frames you might want to visit your doctor for further examination.

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