Owl and Monkey Haven photo blog (Part One. New Arrivals)

So that’s three new photo-blogs posted this week now!

First of all we had Perfect Day a walk along the cycle path from Newport to Merstone.
Then we had a day on the beach in Sandown with Altocumulus Seaside Blues
And now we’re visiting the Owl & Monkey Haven with the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce!

So, firstly i’m calling this ‘part one’ because i very much hope to return and complete a proper shoot with all the animals, yesterdays visit was an open day arranged by the local chamber of commerce and I found the place and the people quite inspiring.

You can read the full story yourself on their excellent website, but to explain briefly here ….. the haven is a family-run self-built project created to provide a safe, happy environment for primates and birds of prey who find themselves without a home. The animals and birds need care because they would not survive if released into the wild. This is for a variety of reasons such as age or injury or simply because they haven’t learnt the necessary skills to fend for themselves due to being bred in captivity. The animals and birds go to the haven when they have nowhere else to go.

I grabbed a few shots whilst listening to and watching the keepers show us a few of the newest arrivals* and would like to thank the management for inviting us and showing us around and the IWCC for organising the event. We really enjoyed the afternoon and definitely plan to go back as soon as we can.

* Beau the baby Tawny Owl, and Ketch the European Eagle Owl chick who hatched on Easter Sunday

Owl and Monkey Haven photo gallery by Jason Swain.




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