Monkey Haven Photo Blog – Newport, Isle of Wight.

Here’s a little photo blog from a recent shoot I did at the newly renamed and re-branded ‘Monkey Haven’ on the Isle of Wight. It’s no secret that its one of my favourite places to be, and as the years go by it just keeps getting better and better. There are lots of new animals living at the Monkey Haven, including some very fun Meerkats and Squirrel Monkeys and a very noisy kookaburra (who seems to be trying to compete with the Lar Gibbons who live just across the way). And of course you can still see all the old favourites (and yes the Owls are still there despite not being headline billing after the name change).

There’s no need to repeat myself explaining just what a great place it is to visit, you can read all about it in this previous blog But with school holidays coming up fast and families always looking for something to entertain the kids, you should know that it’s just got better as time has gone by and there is more to see and do there now than ever before.

If you look closely in the pics below you might spot a couple of yours truly at work taking photos in with the marmosets. It’s quite a challenge photographing the fast moving and mischievous little monkeys at the best of times, but it’s another thing entirely trying to do that with 5 of them balanced on you, one of which is sitting on the top of your head! You can even try this yourself by having a ‘marmoset encounter’, getting up close and personal with the Haven’s smallest residents!

You’ll find details of this and lots more useful information (including opening times, location etc…) on the new monkey haven website where you can also read about all the good work they do there.

Monkey Haven Photo Gallery

All photos* shot with the 24-105mm Canon L lens on a Canon 6D camera. Click on any image to start the slideshow where you can view the exif details on each photo.

(*Except the ones of me, they were taken on Harvey’s cameraphone).

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