Electric Woods 2015 – Spirit of the Orient at Robin Hill Country Park

Spirit of the Orient photo blog.

Over the next few weeks i’ll be sharing a new series of photo blogs documenting some of my recent working life as a commercial photographer on the Isle of Wight. But first, a quick word to explain why in an age of instant gratification and constant social media updates i’m finally posting these photos here now, so long after the actual event(s) themselves.

I’ve shot so much commercial work in the last couple of years that my personal social network photo output has really slowed down, this has been partly through a lack of time to keep up with it all  (my main focus HAS to be on shooting, editing and delivering the images to clients) but it’s also down to respecting the clients needs to have their pick of the photos first and ensuring that they have exclusivity on them.  Clients like to know that they are getting fresh and unique images through their own social channels first and foremost. In many cases this means I’ve been getting photos out live from the events, shooting SOOC (straight out of camera) and using the in-built wi-fi on the cameras to send them straight to clients dropbox ready for them to select what they want and update their facebook and twitter feeds immediately.

So it’s for those reasons that i’m finally catching up now with these blogs where i’ll be looking back at some of the attractions and events I was lucky enough to attend and work on, and also taking the chance to give a little review and opinion on some of the amazing events and places that we have right here on our doorstep on the Isle of Wight.

Starting here with a couple of photo blogs shot whilst working at Robin Hill country Park covering the ‘Electric Woods’ events over 2014/15. This first one below, showcasing the ‘Spirit of the Orient’ event which celebrates the Chinese new year, and it’s companion blog featuring the ‘Festival of light’ which celebrates Diwali.

Taking place during the February half term holidays, the ‘Spirit of the Orient’ which marks the coming of the Chinese new year is a real treat for the senses, with fabulous sound and light shows, a traditional lion dance and dragon procession as well as the chance to taste an authentic oriental menu or partake in a traditional tea ceremony. Visually spectacular and packed with great photo opportunities, it’s also a great opportunity for families to shake off the winter blues and get back out in the countryside in the beautiful illuminated woodlands of Robin Hill park.

 Electric Woods 2015 – Spirit of the Orient Photo Gallery.



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