Compton Chine Long Exposures

Compton Chine Long Exposures by Jason Swain. Two contrasting long exposures taken on the same day under very different light at Compton Chine (situated at the West end of Compton Bay near the white cliffs). OK its not Niagara Falls but its the closest thing i’ve got to a local waterfall and a nice chance to experiment with slowing down some flowing water thats not a wave for a change.

Both were shot with the Sigma 12-24mm ultra wide angle lens, on a Canon 6D camera body, using the 10-stop IRND filter from formatt-hitech.

Shot number one is a single frame that was taken in the late afternoon sunshine with the following Exif Data: 46 second exposure at f/16, iso 100, 12mm.

Shot number two is a two frame verrtorama that was taken in the morning in cloudy / overcast (occasionally rainy) conditions with the following Exif Data: 45 second exposure at f/11, iso 200, 14mm.

I’m not sure which version i like best, any opinions and feedback / critique on the technique is very welcome. I know neither shots are particularly creative or the ideal composition, but even getting these involved balancing on slippy wet rocks half-way up the crumbling cliff (thats very prone to landslides) for 45 seconds at a time.

Compton Chine Long Exposures, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

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