Calbourne Water Mill & Rural Museum

A little photo blog from a family trip to the lovely Calbourne Water Mill & Rural Museum on the Isle of Wight by Jason Swain. If you have a look on Trip Advisor you’ll see some seriously mixed reviews for the place, but i think if you go there knowing what to expect ( a quiet and quirky old-fashioned diversion thats fun for young kids and those able to use their imagination) and you’re not expecting it to be anything like Thorpe Park or Legoland then you shouldn’t be disappointed and you might just enjoy some simple family time at a beautiful little attraction.

There’s no rides (well there are a couple of swings so thats not entirely true) and i didn’t see any flashing neon lights anywhere, but there was some really cool and colourful peacocks wandering around all over the place and a fantastically random collection of old stuff in the museum that weren’t all stuck behind glass with ‘do not touch the exhibits‘ signs all over them.

In keeping with all attractions these days there was plenty of scope for interaction too, for example you could buy a bag of seed and feed those peacocks i mentioned, or maybe the fish, and if you timed it right and watched the demonstration of the working water mill actually making flour, the guys giving the demo would let you stick your hand in the resulting flour 🙂 I know, simple things, but they kept our toddler smiling and he thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there, and because the entrance fee buys you a ticket that lets you return again for free for the rest of the year, we’ll all be going back and doing it again, as well as re-visiting the nice little cafe on site.


All the photographs were shot with the 50mm f/1.2L lens on a Canon 6D camera body. Click any image to load the slideshow where you can see bigger files and see the exif data etc.

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