Oh baby baby it’s a WIDE world – Brook Bay, Isle of Wight

William and mum out for a walk in the backpack at Brook Bay, Isle of Wight, and a chance for me to scramble up on some rocks and create a massive fisheye vertorama (vertical panorama)

Apologies to Cat Stevens for the title 🙂

I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the new Samyang 8mm fisheye lens, i think in time, I might look back on some of these as a bit over the top, but for now i’m having fun shooting with it, and the feedback is genereally positive and I’m trying to create unique views of places that have already been photographed many many times before.


Oh baby baby it’s a WIDE world – Brook Bay, Isle of Wight, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Brook Bay, Isle of Wight

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