Bonfire Night Firework Party in Yarmouth.

Photo gallery from the bonfire night firework party in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight by Jason Swain.

It’s a really well organised community event, lots of family fun with a samba band, best guy contest, roasted chestnuts, torchlit parade, bonfire and finally a firework display from Yarmouth Pier. It was my son Williams first time watching fireworks and he totally loved it, and surprisingly  after all these years as a photographer, It was also my first time shooting fireworks! Have always wanted too and had plenty of opportunity, but just never got around to it before.

And now i’ve had a go at it, I don’t want to wait another year till the next one 🙂 it was really fun and challenging to shoot with simple things like operating the camera in the dark with cold hands adding an extra layer of difficulty that i hadn’t really thought about (doh!) I don’t think any of these are particularly creative, was playing it safe and trying to catch some good clean sharp exposures (walk before you can run|) and I wanted to try and also catch the bonfire with the crowd of people holding torches along the shore to give the display a sense of place, rather than just a bunch of random explosions.

I don’t mind a bit of feedback and critique if anyone has any pointers or ideas on how to improve? Next time i think i’ll try some multiple exposures (the black card technique) and get some of the other lenses out of the bag too!


Shot using the Canon 6d full frame camera with the Canon f/2.8 24-70mm L lens (with Hoya pro Circular PL filter), Manfrotto MT294C3 tripod, Manfrotto 804RC2 head and a Hähnel Giga T Pro II wireless remote.

 Exif Data : 

Camera set to bulb with various exposures used, about 10 seconds at f/13 for the bonfire shots, and mostly between 2-6 seconds at f/9 for the fireworks (you can click on the individual pictures in the slideshow to see each separate exif)



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2 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Firework Party in Yarmouth.

  1. Addictive isn’t it, shooting fireworks! Great set of pics 🙂 I’ve only started to get the hang of it this year really and the IW is a fantastic place for getting practice at it with all the displays throughout the summer (means you don’t have to fumble around with gloves on!!) Up to now I’ve always shot them in Raw but of course the camera struggles to keep up so this weekend (weather permitting) I will just stick to jpeg. There’s a display on at Bembridge on Saturday (fireworks at 7.30 I think) and Sandown is due to reschedule their display from last weekend – that’s a great one to do as they fire them from the pier and if the tide is out/dead calm you get some spectacular reflections!

    • Thanks Viki, I read that shooting RAW was best because some cameras struggled with the White balance with all those colours going off, and to be honest i always do anyway, the 6D seems to be able to keep up with me no problem. Thanks for the tips on the other displays, i may try to get over (i live at the other end of the island) as my son really loved it and kept asking when we could see them again 🙂

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