Altocumulus Seaside Blues

For a while now i’ve been picking out and posting just a narrow selection of my favourite pictures via flickr and my various web sites, but that approach can sometimes miss out a few gems and leave thousands of pictures hanging around doing nothing on my hard drives. So I’m trying out the idea of sharing more images from my photo-blogs like this one (and last weeks ‘perfect day’ blog) in the hope of telling more of  a story and putting the shots in a wider context. I’m always interested to hear feedback on the images as well as on the presentation, so if you love or hate this sort of thing, let me know!

— Altocumulus Seaside Blues —

I’ve spent years shooting all the different cloud types and looking out for the more interesting days where the cloud layer adds an extra dimension to a familiar scene, so it’s quite ironic that i headed over to Sandown Bay on the east coast of the Isle of Wight looking for some lovely summery blue sky shots only to find a blanket of altocumulus roll over the beach the minute i got there!

Anyway i quickly forgot what i had initially thought i wanted, and got on with enjoying what i had in front of me. So here’s a few shots from the day, including several vertoramas celebrating the clouds and a few cheesy vintage style edits that i thought might suit the subject.


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