Accidental symmetry in the South Wight.

Accidental symmetry in the South Wight by Jason Swain. Sometimes photographic opportunity knocks in unexpected places, this time it was on the top of the world (well, top of the Isle of Wight at St Catherines down). I went up there to take pictures of the pepperpot lighthouse and saw all sorts of strange sights whilst i was there (some of the best snow waves were shot up here).

Shot with the sigma 12-24mm wide angle lens on the Canon 6d camera body.

Exif Data = f/14 at 1/80 (handheld) ISO 100 12mm

Not my usual settings for landscape photography (1/80 is a bit slow for handheld) as i’d been playing around with different shutter speeds and apertures whilst catching starbursts in some of the earlier shots.

Accidental symmetry in the South Wight, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Accidental symmetry in the South Wight.

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