2013 Round The Island Race Photographs – A Rainbow Panorama

2013 Round The Island Race Photographs – A Rainbow Panorama by Jason Swain. Still shooting from the end of Yarmouth Pier and looking north and east across the Solent towards Fawley Power station and oil refinery, which provides an interesting pointy backdrop.

All the colours of the rainbow were on display as the spinnakers start to appear during the the annual ‘Round the Island Race’ on the Isle of Wight. This was taken just a little bit later than some previous shots and although some of the lovely pinky colour in the sky has gone by now, its been replaced with an assortment of colours in the backlit sails.

Shot using the Sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens on a Canon 6D camera, around a dozen shots captured in a sweeping motion with it set up on my Manfrotto tripod. Quick edit in Adobe Lightroom, and panorama put together in Adobe Photoshop.

Exif Data = f/11 at 1/250 iso200 500mm

Click on the photo and visit flickr to see it much larger to appreciate all the detail

2013 Round The Island Race Photographs – A Rainbow Panorama, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

2013 Round The Island Race Photographs


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